Published on Jan 17, 2014 Ron Jeremy performs "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus. Produced by SpokenRAD. Shot at Directed by Nathan Coltrane Executive Producer: Amber Smith Director of Photography: Michael Greenman 1st AC: Cypress Jones 1st AD: Greg McMahon Art Director: Sarah Richardson Props Master: Will Gibson My-G: Audio Technician Gaffer: Diego Giovanni Red.i.Productions Key Grip: Daniel Smith Casting Director: Timothy Levine Makeup Artist: Whitney Crittenden Still Photographer: Brittany McMahon Production Assistant: Becky Nettles Drunken Idea Committee: Daniel Smith Amber Smith Patrick Green Nathan Coltrane Shot at

Ron Jeremy has become the latest person to parody the eminently mockable video for Miley Cyrus song Wrecking Ball.

The legendary porn star released the video at the end of last week and it has already been viewed over a million times on YouTube.

Wearing just a pair of flesh-coloured boxers – which is still more than Cyrus wore in her version – Jeremy is seen swinging around on the infamous wrecking ball and making out with a hammer, just like Miley did.

Comments on the video include: ‘Think that’s enough internet for today’ and ‘Nothing to add’.

Most viewers appeared to be in agreement that Ron’s version is better than the original Miley video.

Porn star Ron Jeremy is back in the spotlight with a new parody of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.”

In the roughly four-minute clip, which had over 1.6 million views as of Tuesday night, the scantily clad porn star re-enacts the sexiest scenes from Cyrus’s hit video.

You can watch the sex icon swinging from a wrecking ball at 1:05, licking a sledge hammer at 1:24, smashing a brick wall at 1:38 and moaning in despair at 2:12.

Fortunately for viewers, Jeremy doesn’t get completely naked in this film, spending the length of the video in his underwear and (sometimes) an undershirt.